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Avesa Energy Balancing Training - Home Study

Experience the love, power, and miracle that is Avesa in a multimedia program that will attune you to the lineage and healing energy of Avesa and be certified to offer In-Person Avesa Balancings.  Whether you are a practicing healer or one who simply wishes to call forth the healer within, being certified as an Avesa Balancing Practitioner empowers your Divinity with greater service!

Atlantean Healing Chamber Training

Acquiring advanced Avesa techniques and mastership attunements, step back into and learn the Atlantean Healing Chamber™, an energetic chamber that offers a quantum cleansing effect and molecular realignment to accelerate personal evolution on all levels of being. This powerful, ancient healing modality has not been on Gaia for thousands of years.

Avesa Medical Intuitive Training

After many years of successful experience as a psychotherapist, highly sought after Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher, Sri Ram Kaa was called to teach this unique protocol. In conjunction with the dynamic skills of Quantum Clairvoyance as gifted through Kira Raa, this highly effective and uplifting program combines the blessing of Avesa with the direction and guidance of the Archangelic realm into an unparalleled experience that will forever lift your perception of healing, wholeness, true vitality, and health!

Violet Flame Training: Navigating the Inner Matrix - Home Study

These 10 simple, yet in depth, written and audio lessons provide a proven path for resolving egoic dependency and anchoring your awareness in ever-refining levels of Peace, Love and Joy.  As part of the course, you also select a personal Certified Self Ascension Coach as simply a touchstone or to provide more personalized coaching.  Whether you are just opening to the amazing multi-dimensional being you are or have been on a spiritual path for decades, the Inner Matrix will propel you to even higher levels of consciousness.

Quantum Clairvoyance

ALL ANSWERS are within us! Quantum Clairvoyance is the connection gained through the experience of our expanded consciousness without self-doubt. This applies to everything without limits.  By fully embracing our authentic potential and accepting that it is the birthright of every individual to clearly understand their life, we become profoundly abundant in all ways.  Fully claim your life purpose and free others to do the same!

Self-Ascension Intuitive Counselor Training

Learn the secrets and techniques for a successful practice! A  Practitioner Immersion Program that will fully prepare you to set up your own practice plus feel confident and successful as you do! Imagine waking up each day loving what you do! This immersion process will also energize your “inner magnet” to attract the clients and people around you to be fully supported while doing it.  


Now available as a multimedia Home Study course. 11 modules which can be completed in 5-7 days, with videos and PDF text.

Start now!


Avesa Energy Balancing opens the pathway to a Mystical Journey of Divine Connection.  Truly POWERFUL and RESTORATIVE! Gift yourself with the mystically unique and powerful experience of Avesa Energy Balancing Training which evolves according to your energy as you move forward with Sri and Kira together with the Archangelic Realm. It is your moment to allow the release of all blockages and open your Divine Portal of Joy. Avesa is a profound personal expansion journey as well as anextraordinary healing protocol. It is an attunement to a way of remembering your own Divine roots. Students report completing the Avesa experience feeling energized, connected, and full of love, wisdom, and radiant bliss. Avesa Balancing Training is a profound gift that opens the doorway for your greater expression of activated love and light in the world.

A POWEFRUL Energy Healing Experience

This extraordinary course offers you the opportunity to learn the Avesa Balancing protocol and receive powerful attunements, as well as the means to become certified in the Avesa Balancing Technique. This requires no prior healing experience, for all are healers! An Avesa Balancing creates an inter-dimensional Quantum Energy field where healing and restoration can happen instantly for it operates beyond time and space. Many are now calling this process the Ten Minute Miracle. In just ten minutes, you can accomplish what could otherwise take hours to achieve, and without ever touching the receiver! During an Avesa Balancing, we gift ourselves and the receiver with a tangible experience of remembering and reconnecting with our incredible, whole, and harmonious Soul Energy. The results are often nothing short of miraculous. Those who have experienced this profound gift report diminished physical symptoms, along with greater experience of peace, ability to manifest, clarity of life purpose, and true connection with their Divine being-ness. As our Soul does not get sick, the more we allow this energy to come forward, the better we feel on all levels: spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. With each Avesa Balancing Session, the energy of our Authentic Self becomes more and more familiar and available. These sessions can be offered in-person, and, with advanced training, at a distance. Avesa balancing can be integrated easily with other modalities or offered as a stand alone practice. Whether you are a practicing healer or one who simply wishes to call forth the healer within, this is a powerful gift that empowers your Divinity with greater service! Prepare to ascend to new heights of consciousness and access your full Divine potential! Avesa Balancing Training will:
  1. Fully activate and expand your own conscious connection to divine guidance.
  2. Gift you with Mystical Archangelic Yogic techniques to balance and harmonize yourself and others.
  3. Provide a gateway to multi-dimensional realms where you will fully align with your Soul Path.
  4. Call forth your Quantum Visioning and your ability to decipher what you see.
  5. Clear away mental chatter so you can discern true guidance from egoic messages.
  6. Enable true communion with your Soul at anytime.
  7. Allow you to live your life from an entirely new perspective and frequency as you assist others to do the same.
  8. Establish you as a powerful co-creator with the energies around and within you.
  9. Reawaken and reactivate your Divine Mastership.

Avesa Balancing Training

Full tuition $144*

*Tuition for all electronically delivered home study courses is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Unlocking the Code of the Soul


Imagine unlocking the inner wisdom contained within the code of your soul!

What would it reveal to you? What would it confirm? What would you do with this extraordinary information and insight?

Let go of everything you ever thought you knew about numerology, birth dates and astrology, as you open the door to the Ancient Mystical blessing of Ascended Numerology!


Stunningly accurate and easy to learn, the coded sequences of the Ancient Essene brethren are finally available for you to access in the comfort of your own home!

Ascended Numerology is a totally unique system of working with the mathematical sequences and occurrences in our lives.  An ancient system for our modern moment.

Lost when the library at Alexandria was burned, this arcane system of knowledge was replaced with an earthbound alignment of numbers as revealed through Pythagoras. This was expanded upon by other astrologers of various origins for many millennia. While these systems have served humanity for several millennia, the greater ascension energy that is now present upon our planet has called out to expand the wisdom of all beings of divine love!

Ascended Numerology offers you great keys and sequences that have not been previously available to be taught.

The lost sequences and interpretations of the meaning of these numbers apply to literally everything!  Your birth name, your birthplace, your birth date, specific life events and so much more: you can literally apply the codes to just about everything.

Useful as a stand-alone resource or in harmony with other alternative practices, (Cosmic life regression, Avesa Medical Intuitive, Avesa Balancing, Reiki, massage or more), this process will assist you to reveal extraordinary insights and guidance to enhance all aspects of the life experience.

Used as a guideline for success by Sri and Kira for many years, Ascended Numerology offers complete spiritual freedom while opening the gateway to self-trust and divine guidance from within.

Rather than a process that invites you to become dependent upon alignments or specific events, Ascended Numerology FREES YOU to completely reveal your innermost sanctuary.  Your unique Code of the Soul!

Through this FULL CERTIFICATION program you will learn:

  • The power of your name and its spelling and how it affects the energy of your destiny. Bonus! Special section on birth names vs married and spiritual names!
  • How to select or confirm optimum dates for marriage, moves, career, vacations, surgical procedures and more.
  • Learn how to offer unique and insightful readings for others
    • Including a complete Ascended Numerology Code of the Soul Map reading and chart.  Charts included with  your course materials!
  • Enhance your ability to coach/counsel family, friends and clients
  • Completely understand this extensive yet easy to learn system and how to apply this ancient knowledge effectively for all:
    • Spiritual aspects
    • Physical aspects
    • Learning and/or mental aspects

Taught by both Sri and Kira during a six session home-study program including:

  • Full course materials via printable PDF for each class, including
    • Detailed Ascended Numerology code charts
    • Complete explanations for all numbers and sequences
    • Ascended Numerology Code of the Soul Map
    • How to apply this system to alphabets of all languages
    • Step-by-step instructions for application of the process
    • Full Certification instructions
  • Six 1-1.5 hour recorded sessions
  • Videos of practices


Home Study Tuition is only $295



Avesa Mastery Join Us:  December 29, 2018 to January 3, 2019 Are you ready to go beyond what you think is possible and take a major leap into your own consciousness? (Click Here to learn More) Are you ready to reconnect and live with your playful child as well as your powerful, all knowing Master? After completing Avesa Energy Balancing Training and experiencing the many miracles that come forth in your life, is your heart calling you to take the step of Divine Empowerment that cleanses out all remaining past life imprints and fully aligns your soul with the mission you are here to complete? If the answer is yes, now is your opportunity to honor your soul by learning the Atlantean Healing Chamber™, an energetic process that offers a quantum cleansing effect and molecular realignment to accelerate personal evolution on all levels of being! Currently offered only through in person training, the Atlantean Healing Chamber™ is a Divine Empowerment and your Sacred Birthright! It is your heart that will call you to reclaim a process that you already know. It is in your heart! It is in your DNA! Are you ready to activate it? This powerful, ancient healing modality has not been on Gaia for thousands of years.


Within the Chamber time folds, extraordinary healing occurs, and the Oneness of the universe is readily available to flow through you and as you. Many miracles have been documented and reported from both those who have attended this training and those who have been the recipients of the Atlantean Healing Chamber™ from graduates. The Chamber itself is an unparalleled, life-shifting, 2-day healing experience that brings recipients into a state of suspended animation and offers them a healing opportunity that is truly “beyond this world”. This advanced technique opens an inter-dimensional portal where energy and intention flow far more powerfully than in the physical dimension. The recipient of a Chamber consciously connects to their Authentic Soul energy, Ascended Masters, Archangelic Beings, and others who are One with Source to co-create an unparalleled healing, “whole-ing”, experience. The energy of the session continues to integrate for about 14 days. The Atlantean Healing Chamber incorporates the Avesa Energy Balancing protocol, along with sacred pyramids and essential oils, Egyptian Healing Rods, crystals, crystal bowls, tuning forks, toning, affirmations to release blockages to the physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual wholeness, and additional modalities. One Master of Qigong, Reiki, and Meditation said: “In all my years of offering complementary alternative medical modalities I have not experienced anything, on the receiving or giving end, as powerful as an Avesa Quantum Energy Healing Chamber.”

The healing talents and awareness you have inside are truly amazing--we invite you to fully reveal these gifts by continuing your Avesa Training with the unparalleled Avesa Medical Intuitive Program.


Next offering is in December 2018. To learn more, please click here! 

You will learn the Atlantean Healing Chamber plus Atlantean Laser Reiki at this powerful event!


Avesa Medical Intuitive Program Overview

After many years of successful experience as a psychotherapist, and highly sought after Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher, Sri Ram Kaa was called to teach this unique protocol. In conjunction with the dynamic skills of Quantum Clairvoyance as gifted through Kira Raa, this highly effective and uplifting program combines the blessing of Avesa with the direction and guidance of the Archangelic realm. The Avesa Medical Intuitive Program is powerful.  Learning this program will forever lift your perception of healing, wholeness, true vitality and health! Full professional certification is offered as one of the options that supports YOU in becoming a cutting edge Medical Intuitive and Holistic Health Consultant. As a certified Avesa Medical Intuitive, you are offering your clients insightful Intuitive Scans and true Quantum support that transcends the experience ANY other modality. Click Here 2019 AMI Class Description to download a descriptive pdf with the 2019 offerings.  hurry, Classes start in March and attendance is strictly limited Please email [email protected] with your questions.


During a Cosmic Life Regression, your physical form is nourished into a deep sense of peace so that the soul body can fully release and be taken on a guided journey to the cosmic points in your soul’s lineage that have energy charges that are relevant for who you are now. upon completion of this program and the cosmic life regression experience, you will absolutely know:
Why you chose this planet.
Why you chose this life
Why you chose your parents
What your life’s mission is
Learn the Cosmic Life Regression technique during an, in-depth home study program with Kira Raa. Become certified as a Cosmic Life Regressionist
Learn BOTH the telephone protocol and in-person technique.6 in-depth sessions including over 6 hours of MP3 recordings and extensive PDF written materials

To Learn More and Enroll is this liberating Home Study Certification Program, click here.

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