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Avesa Courses

Avesa Energy Balancing Training - Home Study

Experience the love, power, and miracle that is Avesa in a multimedia program that will attune you to the lineage and healing energy of Avesa and be certified to offer In-Person Avesa Balancings. Whether you are a practicing healer or one who simply wishes to call forth the healer within, being certified as an Avesa Balancing Practitioner empowers your Divinity with greater service!

Atlantean Healing Chamber Training

Acquiring advanced Avesa techniques and mastership attunements, step back into and learn the Atlantean Healing Chamber™, an energetic chamber that offers a quantum cleansing effect and molecular realignment to accelerate personal evolution on all levels of being. This powerful, ancient healing modality has not been on Gaia for thousands of years.

Quantum Clairvoyance

ALL ANSWERS are within us! Quantum Clairvoyance is the connection gained through the experience of our expanded consciousness without self-doubt. This applies to everything without limits. By fully embracing our authentic potential and accepting that it is the birthright of every individual to clearly understand their life, we become profoundly abundant in all ways. Fully claim your life purpose and free others to do the same!

Violet Flame Training: Navigating the Inner Matrix - Home Study

These 10 simple, yet in depth, written and audio lessons provide a proven path for resolving egoic dependency and anchoring your awareness in ever-refining levels of Peace, Love and Joy. As part of the course, you also select a personal Certified Self Ascension Coach as simply a touchstone or to provide more personalized coaching. Whether you are just opening to the amazing multi-dimensional being you are or have been on a spiritual path for decades, the Inner Matrix will propel you to even higher levels of consciousness.

Avesa Medical Intuitive Training

After many years of successful experience as a psychotherapist, highly sought after Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher, Sri Ram Kaa was called to teach this unique protocol. In conjunction with the dynamic skills of Quantum Clairvoyance as gifted through Kira Raa, this highly effective and uplifting program combines the blessing of Avesa with the direction and guidance of the Archangelic realm into an unparalleled experience that will forever lift your perception of healing, wholeness, true vitality, and health!