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Quantum Clairvoyance

Fun, profound, and Life-shifting

No experience necessary!
Easy to follow comprehensive Workbook
Audio lesson explanations from Kira Raa
Video processes for easy comprehension and practice!
Certification process to be a Professional Quantum Clairvoyant

“Since doing the Quantum Clairvoyance home study, my practice has taken a quantum leap. I am so busy and people keep contacting me for appointments. I have witnessed profound shifts in clients-ones I have worked with many times prior to my taking QC. Every time I enter the quantum field, I experience Love that goes to my heart and fills me with radiance. I seem to be given the information about where to work and what to do and it includes my training yet goes beyond. The “work” seems to be coming through me and yet co-created by the client, me and the Higher Realms. Truly a quantum shift and I am sure it will shift even more as I deepen with it. This class is so what I was needing………thank you!” – Pat L

It is no secret that since the early 19th century, quantum physicists have been searching for the unified field and have discovered along the way that an infinite number of alternate universes exist.
Einstein acknowledged the possibilities of other “Earths” in parallel universes. Einstein’s theory further acknowledges that humans from other realities might appear to be as human beings on our Earth, only with varying levels of consciousnesses.
Today’s leading scientists agree!
You do not need to be clairvoyant or have a “second sense” about things to learn Quantum Clairvoyance® & the 8-Fold Quantum Revelation!