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Avesa Quantum Healing™ is a gift from the Crystalline Dimensions that offers alignment with one’s authentic soul energy thus enhancing harmony and balance in all aspects of life.

“The Most Powerful workshop I’ve ever experienced and the Most Important step in my life!”

Are you ready to:

  • Fully activate and expand your Conscious Connection to Divine Guidance?
  • Receive and use mystical Archangelic yogic techniques?
  • Enter Multi-Dimensional Realms where you will fully align with your Soul Path?
  • Call forth your Quantum Visioning and your ability to decipher what you see?
  • Clear away mental chatter so you can Discern True Guidance from egoic messages?

The magical and mystical attunements received during Avesa Energy Balancing Training reactivate your divine mastership, gifting you with these inherent qualities and MORE . . .

Avesa Quantum Healing™ expands the cutting edge of spiritual healing, opening inter-dimensional portals where energy and intention flow far more powerfully to effect transformational changes in the physical dimension.

Powerful Quantum Healing Energy for You AND Others!

Avesa is an energetic empowerment, blessing, and alignment you can also share with others.

If you are already a healing practitioner, you will delight in how easily Avesa energies incorporate into and enhance your other healing modalities. Avesa will propel you to a whole new level of energetic experience and, as such, your clients will be taken to new heights.

Avesa Quantum Healing™ is holistic, fully integrative, and can be used with both alternative and traditional modalities. It is complementary alternative medicine at its finest—quickly and powerfully providing greater physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual synergistic connection.

It is now commonly accepted and recognized that the body, mind, and spirit are interconnected; consciousness is not limited by the physical or the subtle bodies; and our galactic environment influences our DNA. Avesa Quantum Healing™ aligns with the client across the full spectrum of their multidimensional beingness.

Moving beyond the physical opens the door to getting at and resolving the cause, versus simply living the effect.

Avesa Quantum Healing™ creates a sacred space in which your own Creative Energy is accelerated so you can experience and enhance the amazing wonder of your own unique Expression of Energy as a conscious, co-creative, human being. Said another way, you use creative energy to replace stagnant energies that no longer serve you. Limited thought patterns, conditionings, “unconscious choices”, and habitual behaviors are brought into light so they can be examined and released, creating space for consciously created, life-enhancing choices. Thus, you can easily feel, connect with, and use the incredible vibratory, pulsating, multidimensional nature of your entire being to achieve happiness and success.

A Bit of Background

Avesa energy came forward to this planet through an energetic lineage of wondrous beings and ascended masters. It was kept very secretive prior to the year 2000 because the vibration level on the planet was not ready to receive it. Prior to 2000, the last time Avesa energy was available on this planet was during the late 1800’s, when it was used by sages and gurus living in the Himalayas and Tibet.

Through the love and dedication of lineage bearers, Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa, everyone can now receive the grace, blessings, and archangelic energies of AVESA.

In the early part of the first millennium BC, the inspired seers, or Rishis, analyzed their awareness of human experience and concluded:

  • There is an infinite, changeless reality beneath the world of change.
  • This same reality lies at the core of every human personality.
  • The purpose of life is to experience this reality—to fully realize and embody the Divine while here on Earth living a blissful and productive life.

Avesa Quantum Healing™ embodies the fullness of these three absolutes, fully awakening the Divine within—you remember, claim, and fully exist as the Universal Divine.

The word Avesa literally translates as “Hail to the Impersonal Infinity: The Return of Your Divine Empowerment.”

Attunement to Avesa Energy

The powerful gift of Avesa energies is available to anyone through a beautiful, magical, life-transforming attunement process. Through Avesa you experientially embrace your Truth of simultaneously being body, mind, heart, soul, and MORE!

“An experience BEYOND BELIEF . . . to actually be able to find YOUR TRUE SELF!”

Avesa students from all over the world enjoy the expansion of cosmic connection that fully aligns with the divine energy seeking expression through you. After completing their very first Avesa course, students report miracle after miracle and beautiful shifts occurring in their lives.

We commonly hear graduates expressing: “I felt a calling to come to Avesa, not knowing why. After graduating from Avesa, my life has unfolded in so many glorious ways that people keep asking me: ‘Are you in love?’ They tell me: ‘You look so radiant!’ ”

Avesa Energy Balancing Training is offered as a home study program and is the prerequisite for Atlantean Healing Chamber Training. Advanced students will choose Avesa Medical Intuitive Training to exponentially expand their skills for an existing or burgeoning healing practice.

Also offered are courses that are augmented by the Avesa energie: Ascended Numurology, Cosmic Life Regression, Dowsing and Crystal Wand Usage, and Healing With Crystals.

Joining an Avesa program inspires your heart to safety and your soul to ACTION.

Whether you are already well on your journey or one who is yearning for deeper soul connection, if you are reading this, your soul is calling you to experience


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