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Avesa Balancing Testimonials

Excellent experience.
More relaxed.
Very conducive to physical/mental/spiritual healing.
It left me cheerful.
Quickly moved to Peace.
Relaxed and cleared my head.
Strong and centered after treatment.
Very relaxing. I had the sensations that things were opening up and ‘bubbles bursting’ at the end. I had a vision of an angel protecting me.
A wonderful trip.
Very good—if not Great!
Exceptional grounding of intention. The Being who came in the room was pure breath.
Wonderful. The closing energy was very strong! I feel energized and a sense of purpose.
The breath work was great.
Complete connection with Godself.
Released a lot emotionally. Felt connected to something from childhood. My guardian angel came.
Distance Treatment, ruptured Achilles tendon—Germany. “I felt a kind of softness in the muscles of the calf and that feeling of softness extended down to the foot. That was a very good feeling. After 45 minutes, the area around the tendon was really relaxed and without pain. I didn’t stand up because I was tired.

I needed some time to fall asleep thereafter. Something which is remarkable: in the night I had lots of dreams (good ones, no nightmares), to which I could remember in the next morning. That is absolutely not normal for me.

Over the whole next day up to now I realized that I could move much more relaxed than in the days before your treatment because the pain has become fewer. It isn’t away, but the difference is significant. Yesterday I could start some gym and sport exercises recommended by my doctor which I didn’t expect to begin for several more weeks. The doctor told me that a more relaxed movement caused by pain reduction is very important for the convalescence, so this is a big help for me.

I don’t know what you have done. I didn’t expect a lot of changes and therefore the result is remarkable. So, thank you very much for that all!” . . . W.P.

Atlantean Healing Chamber Testimonials

My sinus condition is 80% relieved. All back and chest pain gone. Saw saints like Sai Baba, Buddha, Kali, one in a meditation pose. Felt a tingling up the spine. Seemed as though in sleep state but fully aware of surroundings. Body feels "connected". Feel "in-synch" with the environment. Body feels lighter. Seemed as if images of other times and places passed through my thoughts with no attachment.
B. R.
The session itself was very relaxing but it took me quite a while to stop having random intrusive thoughts. I loved the crystal bowl. That was amazing. And the background music was also great. When the session was over, I sat up and felt that my whole body was vibrating. It was an amazing physical sensation, but I also felt peaceful and joyous emotionally.
A. A.
The session was much easier to ‘get into’ today. I felt extremely calm, optimistic, and open throughout it. There were physical sensations of lightness and floating. My third eye seemed to pulse several times in the beginning. Towards the middle/end, I was extremely relaxed, almost in a trace-like state of being. When the session ended, I did not have the same physical feeling as the day before, but was very, very, very calm and had extreme sense of well-being and peace. I will take the sensations of being with my God-self back to my everyday life.
A. A. (second day)
During the sessions I was relaxed and open. Since the sessions, I have required a tremendous amount of sleep. I continue to require more sleep than usual. The state of sleep has been deep and undisturbed. My otherwise stiff back has been more flexible. I have been enjoying days of peace and quiet without psychic interference. I think that the experience is integrating into my life without my direct intervention.
D. H.
What was my experience during the chamber? In a single word . . . Amazing! I felt like I was being electrocuted (and I can say this because I have been jolted before with electricity) and the energy just lit me from toe nail to beyond my head. I had moments of feeling as though I was being lifted (not suspended or out of body but being lifted) off the table about 6 to 12 inches. What do I plan on doing to integrate this experience into my life now? Everything I can to maintain that peace and calm. Nothing from the cow . . . Nothing from the can . . . Lots of distilled water . . . much more use with my wonderful Egyptian Healing Rods and eating more and more fruits and vegetables.
D. W.
Absolutely wonderful—very deeply connected.
M. T.
I felt energy filling my body, arms and legs, but primarily on my left hand side, especially my left thigh and knee. Towards the end of the session I felt something heavy on my abdomen, and a deep sense of sadness came up so that tears started to flow. There didn’t seem to be any specific feeling or event connected to it. I had been feeling contractions in my abdominal area from the beginning of the session. Afterwards I felt very peaceful and relaxed.
The flow of energy felt much more balanced and peaceful. I was able to relax more. Toward the end of the session I started to feel like I was unable to breathe sufficiently and began to move, trying to open up my chest more. At the end of the session I felt peaceful and relaxed.
I.R. (second day)
Chamber is a good description. I felt encapsulated with warmth and presence. This was the deepest overall experience. The relaxed state is still with me almost 24 hours after my first session. There is a whole-ness in the way I feel mentally and physically. I would definitely recommend the experience. I truly enjoyed my sessions. I felt deep relaxation and peacefulness during the sessions. My body felt encapsulated in warmth and contentment, like being in a chamber. After my session ended I felt the shift in my energy to a more expansive state. A week after the first session, I am still able to meditate and feel the new expanded state of consciousness from the session. I recommended this experience to my friends.
J. Z.

Avesa Training Testimonials

The most powerful workshop I have ever experienced and the Most Important step in my life!
Erzsbet, Poland
The most amazing and powerful connection to divine energies and remembrances. The overall experience and flow of the weekend is at the top of any and all workshops I have ever attended! And I’ve been to plenty! I am still in awe that with all the extraordinary life changing work you made downright fun!
JH, Canada
An experience BEYOND BELIEF…to actually be able to find your TRUE SELF!
Peter, New Jersey
AMAZING, deeply moving and different EVERY time!
Astrid, New Mexico (one of many returning students)
In over 25 years of seeking the one event that would transform me, Avesa is it! I have not ever experienced anything so amazing, loving, sincere, pure and honest. This is one of the world’s greatest gifts of service! Thank you!
IK, England
Wonderful, life changing, Loving and Heart Opening! I LOVED the dancing and the celebration of life! The music was AMAZING! I loved every minute!
Joanie, Nevada
Life changing and beyond anything imaginable! If you are ready to truly connect with your Authentic self and release all the structures that block Divine Abundance and love, then DO THE WORKSHOP and watch the MAGIC POUR INTO YOUR LIFE!
Ravina, Hawaii
In over 25 years of offering and experiencing complimentary alternative medical modalities, I have not experienced anything, on the receiving or giving end, as powerful as an Avesa Quantum Energy Healing Chamber.
TS, California
Avesa is not a program to get what you want or play with ideas of quantum physics to get great parking spaces — it allows you to live your life from an entirely new perspective and frequency — to move forward co-creatively with the energies around you and within you and frees you to choose wholeness and joy.
Angela, NM
The most amazing spiritual experience of my life!
LW, California
A life changing opportunity to be free of density habits, and actually MEET your soul! This was the celebration and the journey of a lifetime!
OW, New Jersey
Avesa helped me to be able to actualize and take action on my true life’s purpose. The changes in my life are beyond any words. Thank you, thank you!
KB, New Jersey
This is definitely the divinity of light of the highest order!
AS, North Carolina
Avesa is mind opening, clearing, love generating, enlightening and TOTALLY FUN!
LY, Texas
There are no words to fully describe the inner peace, joy and love Avesa has brought into my life.
AP, Mexico
Avesa is a beautiful process that connected me to my own divinity. I feel so cared for, loved and empowered. Thank you!
GH, Canada
Wow. Wow. Wow. Halleluiah. Wow!
JM, Tennessee
I have not ever felt more alive and happy before. Thank you for giving the joy of living with this amazing training.
CD, Brazil
Avesa was the greatest opportunity of my life to get in touch with my soul energy. The exercises are so powerful and yet masterfully delivered with a sense of play. Outstanding! I am amazed at my progress in one 3-day weekend!
ML, Kansas
10x10! Inter-galacitc! Beyond anything I could have ever imagined. This was an honest to goodness love fest!
DV, New Jersey
An absolutely transforming experience that breaks through all the old stuff and sends you into that space of a new and wonderful life. My life will never be the same as it is now magical and filled with love and light.
TF, California
Amazing, incredible, abundant and a perfect 10! Thank you.
LA, South Carolina
I have coached other workshops before and have also done a lot of personal work. This was AMAZING, life changing and the most wonderful experience of my life!
PB, Washington, DC
Totally Awesome!
KB, Texas
There are absolutely no words to describe the depth of the experience of Avesa. There are tears of joy in my eyes as I share this with you, and that says it all!
KM, Oregon
Thank you for the gift of knowing myself and others at such a deep and profound level. I finally understand the true meaning of divine nature.
AO, Louisiana
What a gift of Love! I feel the energy of self-love, self-empowerment and a true re-connection with my light body. Wow!
JM, Illinois
The infinite gift of Avesa is transcendent and beautiful. It is incredibly enlightening and I am still vibrating with all the amazing energy of love!
JH, New Mexico
Avesa unlocked all my blocks for abundance. The experience of many forms of love and self-awareness is truly beyond this world! What a gift!
KA, California