Avesa Balancing

Avesa Balancing Testimonials

“Excellent experience.” . . . K.S.

“More relaxed.” . . . P.L.

“Very conducive to physical/mental/spiritual healing.” . . . V.B.

“It left me cheerful.” . . . T.B.

“Quickly moved to Peace.” . . . T.D.

“Relaxed and cleared my head.” . . . M.H.

“Strong and centered after treatment.” . . . D.W.

“Very relaxing. I had the sensations that things were opening up and ‘bubbles bursting’ at the end. I had a vision of an angel protecting me.” . . . P.R.

“A wonderful trip.” . . . J.U.

“Very good—if not Great!” . . . G.H.

“Exceptional grounding of intention. The Being who came in the room was pure breath.” . . . L.W.

“Wonderful. The closing energy was very strong! I feel energized and a sense of purpose.” . . . I.R.

“The breath work was great.” . . . J.Y.

“Complete connection with Godself.” . . . A.D.

“Released a lot emotionally. Felt connected to something from childhood. My guardian angel came.” . . . D.H.

Distance Treatment, ruptured Achilles tendon—Germany. “I felt a kind of softness in the muscles of the calf and that feeling of softness extended down to the foot. That was a very good feeling. After 45 minutes, the area around the tendon was really relaxed and without pain. I didn’t stand up because I was tired.

I needed some time to fall asleep thereafter. Something which is remarkable: in the night I had lots of dreams (good ones, no nightmares), to which I could remember in the next morning. That is absolutely not normal for me.

Over the whole next day up to now I realized that I could move much more relaxed than in the days before your treatment because the pain has become fewer. It isn’t away, but the difference is significant. Yesterday I could start some gym and sport exercises recommended by my doctor which I didn’t expect to begin for several more weeks. The doctor told me that a more relaxed movement caused by pain reduction is very important for the convalescence, so this is a big help for me.

I don’t know what you have done. I didn’t expect a lot of changes and therefore the result is remarkable. So, thank you very much for that all!” . . . W.P.

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