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Avesa Training Testimonials

“The most powerful workshop I have ever experienced and the Most Important step in my life!” . . . Erzsbet, Poland

“The most amazing and powerful connection to divine energies and remembrances. The overall experience and flow of the weekend is at the top of any and all workshops I have ever attended! And I’ve been to plenty! I am still in awe that with all the extraordinary life changing work you made downright fun!” JH, Canada

“An experience BEYOND BELIEF…to actually be able to find your TRUE SELF!” . . . Peter, New Jersey

“AMAZING, deeply moving and different EVERY time!”… Astrid, New Mexico (one of many returning students)

“In over 25 years of seeking the one event that would transform me, Avesa is it! I have not ever experienced anything so amazing, loving, sincere, pure and honest. This is one of the world’s greatest gifts of service! Thank you!” IK, England

“Wonderful, life changing, Loving and Heart Opening! I LOVED the dancing and the celebration of life! The music was AMAZING! I loved every minute!”… Joanie, Nevada

“Life changing and beyond anything imaginable! If you are ready to truly connect with your Authentic self and release all the structures that block Divine Abundance and love, then DO THE WORKSHOP and watch the MAGIC POUR INTO YOUR LIFE!”… Ravina, Hawaii

“In over 25 years of offering and experiencing complimentary alternative medical modalities, I have not experienced anything, on the receiving or giving end, as powerful as an Avesa Quantum Energy Healing Chamber.” TS, California

“Avesa is not a program to get what you want or play with ideas of quantum physics to get great parking spaces — it allows you to live your life from an entirely new perspective and frequency — to move forward co-creatively with the energies around you and within you and frees you to choose wholeness and joy.” Angela, NM

“The most amazing spiritual experience of my life!” . . . LW, California

“A life changing opportunity to be free of density habits, and actually MEET your soul! This was the celebration and the journey of a lifetime!” OW, New Jersey

“Avesa helped me to be able to actualize and take action on my true life’s purpose. The changes in my life are beyond any words. Thank you, thank you!” KB, New Jersey

“This is definitely the divinity of light of the highest order!” AS, North Carolina

“Avesa is mind opening, clearing, love generating, enlightening and TOTALLY FUN!” LY, Texas

“There are no words to fully describe the inner peace, joy and love Avesa has brought into my life.” AP, Mexico

“Avesa is a beautiful process that connected me to my own divinity. I feel so cared for, loved and empowered. Thank you!” GH, Canada

“Wow. Wow. Wow. Halleluiah. Wow!” JM, Tennessee

“I have not ever felt more alive and happy before. Thank you for giving the joy of living with this amazing training.” CD, Brazil

“Avesa was the greatest opportunity of my life to get in touch with my soul energy. The exercises are so powerful and yet masterfully delivered with a sense of play. Outstanding! I am amazed at my progress in one 3-day weekend!” ML, Kansas

“10×10! Inter-galacitc! Beyond anything I could have ever imagined. This was an honest to goodness love fest!” DV, New Jersey

“An absolutely transforming experience that breaks through all the old stuff and sends you into that space of a new and wonderful life. My life will never be the same as it is now magical and filled with love and light.” TF, California

“Amazing, incredible, abundant and a perfect 10! Thank you.” LA, South Carolina

“I have coached other workshops before and have also done a lot of personal work. This was AMAZING, life changing and the most wonderful experience of my life!” PB, Washington, DC

“Totally Awesome!” KB, Texas

“There are absolutely no words to describe the depth of the experience of Avesa. There are tears of joy in my eyes as I share this with you, and that says it all!” KM, Oregon

“Thank you for the gift of knowing myself and others at such a deep and profound level. I finally understand the true meaning of divine nature.” AO, Louisiana

What a gift of Love! I feel the energy of self-love, self-empowerment and a true re-connection with my light body. Wow!” JM, Illinois

“The infinite gift of Avesa is transcendent and beautiful. It is incredibly enlightening and I am still vibrating with all the amazing energy of love!” JH, New Mexico

“Avesa unlocked all my blocks for abundance. The experience of many forms of love and self-awareness is truly beyond this world! What a gift!” KA, California

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