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Atlantean Healing Chamber Testimonials

“My sinus condition is 80% relieved. All back and chest pain gone. Saw saints like Sai Baba, Buddha, Kali, one in a meditation pose. Felt a tingling up the spine. Seemed as though in sleep state but fully aware of surroundings. Body feels “connected”. Feel “in-synch” with the environment. Body feels lighter. Seemed as if images of other times and places passed through my thoughts with no attachment.” . . . B. R.

“The session itself was very relaxing but it took me quite a while to stop having random intrusive thoughts. I loved the crystal bowl. That was amazing. And the background music was also great. When the session was over, I sat up and felt that my whole body was vibrating. It was an amazing physical sensation, but I also felt peaceful and joyous emotionally.” . . . A. A.

“The session was much easier to ‘get into’ today. I felt extremely calm, optimistic, and open throughout it. There were physical sensations of lightness and floating. My third eye seemed to pulse several times in the beginning. Towards the middle/end, I was extremely relaxed, almost in a trace-like state of being. When the session ended, I did not have the same physical feeling as the day before, but was very, very, very calm and had extreme sense of well-being and peace. I will take the sensations of being with my God-self back to my everyday life.” . . . A. A. (second day)

“During the sessions I was relaxed and open. Since the sessions, I have required a tremendous amount of sleep. I continue to require more sleep than usual. The state of sleep has been deep and undisturbed. My otherwise stiff back has been more flexible. I have been enjoying days of peace and quiet without psychic interference. I think that the experience is integrating into my life without my direct intervention.” . . . D. H.

“What was my experience during the chamber? In a single word . . . Amazing! I felt like I was being electrocuted (and I can say this because I have been jolted before with electricity) and the energy just lit me from toe nail to beyond my head. I had moments of feeling as though I was being lifted (not suspended or out of body but being lifted) off the table about 6 to 12 inches. What do I plan on doing to integrate this experience into my life now? Everything I can to maintain that peace and calm. Nothing from the cow . . . Nothing from the can . . . Lots of distilled water . . . much more use with my wonderful Egyptian Healing Rods and eating more and more fruits and vegetables.” . . . D. W.

“Absolutely wonderful—very deeply connected.” . . . M. T.

“I felt energy filling my body, arms and legs, but primarily on my left hand side, especially my left thigh and knee. Towards the end of the session I felt something heavy on my abdomen, and a deep sense of sadness came up so that tears started to flow. There didn’t seem to be any specific feeling or event connected to it. I had been feeling contractions in my abdominal area from the beginning of the session. Afterwards I felt very peaceful and relaxed.” . . . I.R.

“The flow of energy felt much more balanced and peaceful. I was able to relax more. Toward the end of the session I started to feel like I was unable to breathe sufficiently and began to move, trying to open up my chest more. At the end of the session I felt peaceful and relaxed.” . . . I.R. (second day)

“Chamber is a good description. I felt encapsulated with warmth and presence. This was the deepest overall experience. The relaxed state is still with me almost 24 hours after my first session. There is a whole-ness in the way I feel mentally and physically. I would definitely recommend the experience.

I truly enjoyed my sessions. I felt deep relaxation and peacefulness during the sessions. My body felt encapsulated in warmth and contentment, like being in a chamber. After my session ended I felt the shift in my energy to a more expansive state. A week after the first session, I am still able to meditate and feel the new expanded state of consciousness from the session. I recommended this experience to my friends.” . . . J. Z.

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